Business Partners' Code of Conduct
Business Partners' Code of Conduct

Top Glove Corporation Bhd, together with all its subsidiary companies, (hereinafter referred to as “TG”) is committed to conducting business in an ethical and socially responsible manner. While developing its operations, TG is committed to simultaneously improving the environment and uplifting the socioeconomic wellbeing of its employees. TG is determined to build a sustainable business together with its business partners including agents, contractors, suppliers, vendors and employees based on the highest ethical principles of trust, teamwork, honesty and respect for the rights and dignity of others.

Scope of the TG Business Partners’ Code of Conduct
The TG Business Partners' Code of Conduct is derived from TG Social Compliance Initiatives (TGSCI) which applies to TG and its business partners within its value chain. Even in situations where TG has a minority interest, TG highly encourages the application of these standards, their equivalents or even higher standards amongst its business partners. This Code of Conduct sets forth the behavior expected of TG and its business partners and helps them establish good management practices, make ethical decisions and identify potential misconducts. As TG and its business partners jointly commit to respect and implement these standards, TG requires its business partners to perform an annual attestation of compliance to the fundamental principles of the TG Business Partners' Code of Conduct herein.


A. Respect and Support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Each business partner shall recognize the inherent dignity of all the individuals and supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations. Business partners shall ensure the rights of all their employees, including permanent, contract, temporary, local and migrant workers, are recognized and respected.


B. Strict Observance of Applicable Legislation

Each business partner shall ensure that it complies with the local legislation in force in the country or state where its companies are located. It shall be the business partner’s priority to comply with the relevant legislative objectives and moral obligations to create, build a harmonious, safe and healthy work environment and culture.


Business partners shall commit to respect and comply with the following standards in business dealings:

Remark: * Zero Tolerance

1. Children & Young Persons

a. No Child Labor

Business partners shall comply with the national minimum age for employment and shall not employ or support the use of child labor. Remedial actions with appropriate follow up actions shall be exerted if any child labor case is uncovered to protect the welfare of the child.


b. Special protection for Young Person

Business partners shall not require or permit any young person to be engaged in any hazardous work or work at night and shall only allow any young person to be in the employment or industrial undertaking suitable to his or her capacity in compliance with the relevant national legislations.

2. No Forced Labor

a. Business partners shall not employ or support forced or bonded labor or human trafficking and shall take appropriate measures to prevent such employment or support.

b. Business partners shall ensure ethical recruitment throughout the process of recruitment where workers would not incur unlawful payment to secure a job.

c. Business partners shall not retain workers’ personal and/or other important documents such as passport, identity card, birth certificate, academic certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

d. Business partners are expected to act with due diligence in the conduct of their hiring activities.

e. Business partners shall respect the rights of workers to terminate their employment at any time upon serving reasonable notice and shall not restrict workers’ freedom of movement after shift hours.

3. Employment Contracts

Business partners shall ensure that employees are given a written employment contract in their native language. The employment contract shall spell out all the requirements as per the employment law (e.g. a description of their duties, rate of pay, working hours, leaves, termination of service, and any other benefits of employment.)


4. Minimum Wage Standard

a. Business partners shall ensure all employees are paid wages equal to or exceeding the legal minimum wage requirements and are covered under social security laws and regulations.

b. Business partners shall not make any unauthorized deductions from wages which is prohibited by local law.

c. Business partners shall not make any deduction from wages as a disciplinary measure.

d. Business partners shall provide all legally required benefits, including paid leaves to all workers.

e. Business partners shall compensate all workers’ overtime work at a rate not less than that as required by local law.


5. Working Hours

Business partners shall ensure that the working hours of the workers are complying with the local legislations. Overtime shall be on a voluntary basis and with consent of the worker. Workers are entitled to one rest day after every six (6) consecutive working days.

6. Freedom of Association and Rights to Collective Bargaining

Business partners shall recognize and respect the right of employees to form and join trade unions of their choice subject to the provisions of relevant local legislations. In countries where the legal union rights are limited, business partners shall encourage other alternatives for the employees to express their feedback on their welfare.


7. Equal Employment Opportunity

Business partners shall ensure equal opportunities are accorded to employees. All decisions relating to hiring, remuneration, access to training, promotion, termination and retirement shall be made based on merit system, business needs, job requirements and individual qualifications without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, disease, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, pregnancy status, family responsibilities, social background, criminal record or any other conditions that could give rise to discrimination.


8. * Harassment and Violence

Business partners shall not tolerate any form of harassment or violence. “Harassment” generally includes any form of unwelcome conduct towards another person that has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment for that person.


9. Bribery and Corruption

Business partners shall not tolerate any form of corruption or bribery. Corruption or bribery construes to both direct and indirect benefits in terms of money, inappropriate gifts, invitations or other unfair advantages intended to achieve favoring or to manipulate.

10. Grievances Redress Procedure

Business partners shall provide an effective channel for employees to voice their grievances regarding their employment conditions, contractual rights, labor rights, employer’s obligations and other issues related to the work environment.

11. Occupational Safety and Health

Business partners shall strive to ensure a safe and healthy workplace and living condition (if applicable) to their employees. Effective steps shall be taken to protect their employees from exposure to potential occupational safety and health hazards that are likely to pose an immediate risk of permanent injury, illness or death. Where required, business partners shall ensure that workplace Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are provided at no cost to employees.

C. Respect the Environment

Business partners shall conduct businesses using progressive environmental practices and take active steps to preserve and protect the well-being of the environment, including complying with all applicable laws and regulations in respect to protecting the environment, and maintaining procedures for notifying local authorities in the event of any environmental accident resulting from business operations.

D. Respect Privacy & Information Security

Business partners shall collect, use and otherwise process personal information (including that from employees, business partners, suppliers, customers and consumers) with reasonable care. The collection, use and other processing of personal information shall comply with privacy and information security laws and regulatory requirements.

E. Compliance with Standards

Business partners agree and commit to adhere to the TG Business Partners' Code of Conduct at all times failing which, the business partners will be held liable for any consequences. In the event of a violation of the Zero Tolerance standards as set out above and/or consistent failure to act or conduct business in a manner in line with the principles as set out above, TG shall take the appropriate action(s) on the said business partner. This may include terminating the business relationship as a final resort, in relation to which the said business partner shall not hold TG liable for any losses or damages.





As TG’s Business Partner, we hereby acknowledge, agree and undertake to adhere to the TG Business Partners' Code of Conduct as set out herein.


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