Oshadhi Rose Hydrating Set
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Oshadhi Rose Hydrating Set
Price RM122.55 RM149.00
Brand Oshadhi
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Oshadhi Rose Hydrating Set

Product Description


The set includes:

  • 5200-200 Rose Blossom (Bulgarian) Organic Hydrolate (200ml) x 1
  • 7088-02 Nano ion water replenishing x 1
  • Rose Blossom (Bulgarian) Organic Hydrolate, Rosa damascena (5200). 


How To Use

  1. Use it as spray to hydrate for skin

  2. Fill in the nano ion water replenishing to moisturize skin every moment.
  3. Nano ion water replenishing.

  4.  Add the rose hydrolate to the bottle prepared

  5.  Insert the bottle to device and refill the hydralate to Nano ion water replenishing.




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